Join Tunstall at Australian Healthcare Week 2017

February 10, 2017
Tunstall is back at 2017 Australian Healthcare Week at stand 118.


It’s that time of the year again. Australia’s largest aged care, healthcare facilities and technology event – Australian Healthcare Week – returns with three days of informative and progressive presentations. And in addition to the main conferences, this year’s event also offers a free-to-attend expo.

In 2016, the event attracted over 2100 visitors, saw more than 80 industry leaders speak and showcased more than 35 project case studies – among other highlights. At Tunstall Healthcare, we’re passionate about innovation and development in the healthcare sector, which is why we enjoy being part of the action as exhibitors.

Before heading to the conference, we’d like to give you a brief overview of what we will be doing at the event, as well as some of the applications that’ll be there.

Tunstall is looking forward to exhibiting at this year's Healthcare Week. Tunstall is looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s Australian Healthcare Week.

What and who you can look forward to

Between March 8 and 9, Tunstall will be exhibiting at the Australian Healthcare Week at Sydney’s International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. This means you will find our Business Development Managers (BDM) Lawrence and Paula onsite at booth 118, showcasing and demonstrating a range of our connected health solutions.

Lawrence, who has 30 years experience in sales, joined Tunstall because of his passion to improve people’s lives as well as the gratification this provides to both employees and clients. He’s used to travelling the country to see clients, demonstrate Tunstall’s products and attend a variety of events.

Paula will join Lawrence to answer any questions our stall visitors may have as well. She too brings nearly three decades of sales experience with her, having previously worked as BDM for  L’Oréal, Independence Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil. Her forte lies in building relationships, identifying business opportunities and providing client support.

In 2016, Lawrence demonstrated some of Tunstall's products as well.In 2016, Lawrence demonstrated some of Tunstall’s products at Australian Healthcare Week.

Our connected health solutions

Both Lawrence and Paula are strong advocates of helping others, something that makes them ideal choices to talk about Tunstall’s main connected health solution, Integrated Care Platform (ICP).

ICP offers support to people with long-term conditions by monitoring vital signs from home, giving them and their loved ones the reassurance that, if health readings go beyond a set threshold, their care team will get involved. Through this effective management system, patients know for certain that a professional team will intervene before a crisis can occur. Additionally, ICP supports video conferencing, enabling face-to-face communication from even remote locations.

Incorporating mobile technology

Alongside the ICP, Lawrence and Paula will also demonstrate two of Tunstall’s new apps at Healthcare Week, including the myMobile app and the myCareTrack app.

The myMobile app, as mobile version of our myclinic telehealth solution. Tunstall’s first connected health chronic disease management smartphone app, myMobile, allows individuals to monitor their own health condition through a private and secure login. What’s more, the application enables patients to view their monitoring plans, vital sign readings and activity trends and even link the app with a Fitbit.. This means that the Android-friendly app provides consistent and reliable insights for both the individual and their care team.

Our myCare Track app can help remote workers feel safer. Our myCareTrack app can help lone workers feel safer.

For those people who feel particularly vulnerable or work alone in remote, hazardous environments, Tunstall has developed the myCareTrack app. Specifically designed to increase safety, the app uses regular check-up calls and easy duress activation to connect a person with Tunstall’s monitoring centre. The goal of the Android and iOS compatible application is to quickly identify remote workers and individuals who may be in need of assistance.

Do you want to know more about Tunstall Healthcare’s involvement with Australian Healthcare Week? Or maybe you have a specific question about digital health? Don’t hesitate – reach out to us today. Our team is always happy to have a helpful chat.

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