What technology and features should you expect from a fall detector?

February 8, 2019
Do you know what to look for in a fall detector for your loved one?

It’s only natural to want the best when choosing technology meant to aid and protect your loved one. Fall detectors offer independence and better quality of life to individuals, as well as peace of mind for them and their family.

To get the best option for your loved one, what should you look for in a fall detector?

How a fall detector generally works

A good detector needs to tell the difference between your normal movements and a fall. To do this a detector often relies on an accelerometer and gyroscope sensor, to measure the speed and angle of an individual’s movement. When the detector drops too rapidly or sits outside the parameters expected, the movement is registered as a fall.

Why fall detectors are so important

Falls can be a serious issue for many people, including:

  • Ageing loved ones.
  • People living with disabilities.
  • Individuals recovering from injuries or sickness.
  • People with epilepsy, or other medical conditions such as diabetes.
  • Lone workers.

A medical alert system on its own, while useful, is not always the best option when it comes to the risk of falls. There’s a chance your loved one won’t be conscious or in a position to use it, leaving them unable to reach out to someone who can help. A fall detector helps reduce this risk. Whether the wearer has fainted, tripped or is experiencing an seizure, their fall is registered and a call goes out to notify someone that can help them.

This additional safety can give you, your loved one and your family peace of mind. There is a lot of fear and worry around falls, and the detector means your loved one is never truly alone. If they require help, they can get it.

If you’re looking for a fall detector for your loved one, the following are a few important features you should consider.

A fall detector can help your loved one live life to the fullest. The fear of falls shouldn’t stop your loved one enjoying life to its fullest.

24/7 connection to a call centre

No matter the type of detector you choose, connection to a 24/7 call centre is vital. Whether it’s a pendant, watch or an all-in-one option, to give you and your loved one security you need the constant support.

The detector should also allow the wearer to manually send out an alarm whenever they choose with a fall alert button, in case another type of emergency should occur or on the off-chance the technology doesn’t register the fall.

Ability to cancel a call

Due to the complicated nature of human movement, it’s possible for a detector to think there’s been a fall when there hasn’t. If it’s raised a fall alert either incorrectly, or when the individual has recovered, the wearer should be able to cancel the alert.

GPS location

Not every fall detector comes with GPS location, but it’s a useful addition to consider. For example, having a mobile personal alarm means that if anything goes wrong and your loved one cannot notify you or Tunstall’s help centre where they are, real-time tracking will ensure that they are located and cared for.

Battery life

How long the battery life of a fall detector lasts, and how easy it is to replace, is important to consider when choosing one. Generally, you want a detector with a battery which lasts for at least six months to give you security that the wearer is safe.

Find out how long the battery lasts both with general use, and under heavy use. Create a calendar reminder for when it might begin to run low to ensure you remember to check it, and possibly change it. An easily replaceable battery is especially useful, as it means that your loved one can either change it themselves, or ask someone to do it for them without any worries.


Your loved one doesn’t want to be constantly reminded of the risk of a fall. To better maintain their independence and quality of life, you want a fall pendant that’s lightweight and unobtrusive.

If you’d like to know more about fall detectors and how health technology can add to your loved one’s life, contact the friendly team at Tunstall Healthcare today to talk about the solutions we can offer you.